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Founded in 1999, Evolvia has always set itself apart with its vibrant and effective professional coaching. Driven by founder Claudine Bergeron’s clear-sighted global vision of business, Evolvia has quickly made its mark with relevant, galvanizing and profitable methods. Small, medium and large companies alike appreciate its one-stop-shop approach that simplifies the organizational and administrative process as much as possible.


Whatever the needs may be, Evolvia is known for its ability to identify the issues and understand their full scope. Its flexible and versatile structure enables it to offer inspired, tailor-made solutions that optimize the use of leadership as well as workplace management and performance.
Known for its sound judgment and acumen, Evolvia’s coaching brings leaders back to basics and helps them focus on the right direction for their business. It fosters inspirational leadership that focuses on evolution over perfection, and concepts such as resource development, team spirit, initiative and achievement. It is aimed at shaping conscientious, approachable and open leaders who act ethically and transparently. Sharp leaders who know how to anticipate the future, make the most of every situation—even the most difficult—and seize valuable opportunities. Forward-thinking and people-focused leaders who delegate, share knowledge and strive to create a healthy and inclusive work environment.


The Evolvia coaching experience inspires awareness and empowerment. It aims to prime, open people’s eyes, broaden horizons, equip, and provide keys. Its purpose is to encourage and motivate each leader who uses it to raise their game in their professional environment in order to do the same for the people under their direction or mentorship.
Each leader is then free to adapt it to their own vision and interpret it in their own way for the shared benefit of the organization, its resources and their own personal growth. Each person is then free, in turn, to develop, practise and propagate the art of breathing inspiration into leadership.

Claudine Bergeron


A word from the president


I have long been fascinated by people and the mechanics of leadership. In fact, I’ve made it the basis for the professional coaching I’ve provided over the last 20 years. Throughout my career—during which I have helped hundreds of leaders positively transform their lives—I have had a chance to observe the many faces of leadership, both good and bad.
My work has given me a sound grasp of the issues and environments specific to senior management. It’s also helped me fine-tune my skills, the better to act on the factors that affect a leader’s influence. Time and experience have forged what is now my signature approach to professional coaching, based on inspirational leadership and the four keys that define it.
Evolvia humanizes leadership through an approach that’s scalable, comprehensive and personalized. And there’s no doubt about it: leadership that’s more engaging, unifying and motivating is a highly valuable asset. The end result is a dynamic, balanced and supportive work environment where self-actualization and the power to hit performance targets are in perfect harmony.
Everyone benefits from Evolvia’s style of leadership. And there you have the crux of our relevance, the lever that makes inspiring and inspirational leadership such a powerful catalyst for change, renewal and growth.


Claudine Bergeron has been making her mark in professional coaching since 1999. With over 20,000 hours of practice and hundreds of interventions with senior management at Canada’s largest corporations and institutions, her track record speaks for itself. Claudine is a Master Certified Coach, the highest distinction awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Only a select few—which is to say, just 1% of the ICF’s members—hold this prestigious title, the gold standard for professional coaching worldwide.


Claudine’s skills, credibility and the quality of her work have also earned her a spot on the ICF’s international jury of examiners since 2006, as well as in its accreditation committee since 2013. The jury oversees the certification process for the organization’s three levels of excellence, while the committee promotes and ensures the application of best practices and the highest ethical principles in professional coaching worldwide.
The ICF also invited Claudine to represent Canada on its elite global committee formed to review the baseline rules of coaching. This committee is currently reviewing standards, certification exams, selection criteria and examiner training with a view to improving them, making them even more stringent, adapting them to new issues and raising the visibility of professional coaching wherever it is practised.


Having trained at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center and Harvard University’s Institute of Coaching, Claudine is now recognized as a leading authority on professional coaching in Canada and internationally. As a seasoned, articulate, caring, energetic and committed coach, she is regularly invited by the media to share her expert opinion on issues affecting professional coaching and the workplace. She also hosted a weekly TV segment on the subject (“Le monde du travail”) on TVA and LCN.


A stimulating quartet in any organization

At Evolvia, we firmly believe that inspirational leadership is the most powerful means of creating a sustainable, forward-looking organization. That’s why it’s at the very heart of our professional coaching approach. The four fundamental keys are like the backing instruments of inspirational leadership, building up and gaining in intensity as you hit performance tempo. Evolvia will show you how to tune them to the specifics of your organization and create the inspirational approach best suited to your reality.


Passion is what makes things really swing. In sync with motivation, it heightens interest, action, drive, initiative, creativity and much more. Performing with passion gives momentum to motivation. This key to inspirational leadership sets the stage for achievement and satisfaction in any organization.


An organization’s greatest asset is its employees. Making your people central to your leadership increases their loyalty and sense of fulfillment. It sets the tempo for enhanced teamwork, sharpness and vitality to boost performance, which is always cause for applause. This key to inspirational leadership takes recognition and solidarity to the next level.


Engagement is consonant with fairness. Proper appreciation for each role keeps the business running smoothly. It’s all about harmonizing requirements with trust, skills with responsibilities, profits with challenges, execution with remuneration, and so on. With this key to inspirational leadership, respect and integrity help organizations hit all the right notes.


A piece of music. A conductor. An orchestra. The vision emerges and the momentum kicks in. Conductor and orchestra become as one as the music comes alive. A unifying vision mobilizes ‘players’ to a crescendo, making the future yours to create. This key to inspirational leadership can have a major impact on innovation and collaboration in your organization.


A top-notch trio

Evolvia’s coaching solutions are rooted in three core values: integrity, commitment and respect. These values inspire us to do our very best at all times and under any circumstances.


Evolvia is a responsible organization that subscribes to the highest ethical principles to ensure the ongoing trust of its clients. Our services are marked by transparency, honesty and an impeccable code of conduct.


Evolvia is committed to its clients’ well-being and success. We always fulfill our mandates and meet every obligation to the best of our abilities and knowledge. Our company makes every effort to have its actions and solutions meet or surpass the needs of its clients so that they can extract the maximum benefit.


Respect is front and centre in every activity at Evolvia: respect for human rights, for the law, for others, for best practices, for the environment and all other forms that make individuals, work environments and organizations better. At Evolvia, we believe respect is the key to healthy relationships and we give it the full consideration it deserves.


Repertoire of clients


Inspirational coaching on a global scale

Master Certified Coach Claudine Bergeron’s long-standing commitment to the International Coaching Federation has given Evolvia special access to its international bank of professional coaches. In practice, this has enabled Evolvia to build an unparalleled network of coaching virtuosos from around the world, which you and your leaders can tap into.
Whatever your industry, challenges or the skills you want to develop, Evolvia offers elite guidance tailored to your needs.