Claudine Bergeron is frequently invited as a coaching expert in various media. You were able to hear him, among others, during his column “The world of work” on TVA/LCN and in numerous media.

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Return to base camp to better find the summit

Leading an organization is often accompanied, unfortunately wrongly, by a kind of duty of invincibility. Whatever the circumstances, too many senior leaders impose on themselves, without giving themselves any respite, the obligation to always remain strong and steadfast.


The challenge of humility in a leadership position

One of the most important and galvanizing character traits to develop in a leader is humility. However, it is one of the most neglected because it is too often perceived as a limit.


This is what inspiring leaders are made of

Over the course of my twenty years of coaching experience, I have noticed that the most inspiring leaders I have worked with share several common character traits.


Does your personal brand survive remote working?

Our catapulting into teleworking has changed everything by depriving us of our usual benchmarks, in addition to exposing us to distractions that we did not have in the office.


Swap perfectionism for optimalism

Perfectionism is often seen as a positive trait because it is associated with perseverance and meticulous work.


The vice of being rich

We often have a complex relationship with money. Here are the three most common types. Which one do you recognize yourself in?


The promotion is mine

Two pros tell us the seven golden rules for shining at work so as to dazzle your bosses and win a promotion.


Objective: to become indispensable

Keeping your knowledge up to date and developing your skills will make you an employee that cannot be done without.


Open to comments? Yes, but...

Even though we are old enough to be a mentor, we don’t necessarily have the open-mindedness required to accept comments about us… Fortunately, it can be cured!


My coach

Having a coach is not a sign of weakness. More and more companies are offering one to their best recruits. But how to find the right one?